Candy Candy » Transcending the Sadness for the Sake of Tomorrow

While the Ardley family buries Anthony, Candy suffers a severe fever and nightmares. Anthony's rose garden seems dead. Neither Candy, nor great-aunt Elroy leave their rooms, let alone the house. When great-aunt Elroy gives Neil her permission to take anything he likes out of Anthony's room, Candy tries to reason with great-aunt without much success, and is horrified when Eliza and the gardener of the Leagans, Mr. Whittman, are uprooting Anthony's roses. Candy's passionate argument that Anthony's spirit will return when the roses bloom again makes the servants pause to reflect on their actions. If Eliza wants Anthony's roses, then she can do it herself, just as Anthony grew them with his own two hands. While Candy wanders through the forest, searching for a way to live with her memories of Anthony and her sorrow, Annie comes to visit per her father's suggestion and meets her. Annie encourages Candy to recall Pony's Home. As Annie and Candy return to the house, Annie discovers the sole rose in bloom in the garden, a Sweet Candy. Candy transplants the Sweet Candy on Pony Hill while she visits Pony's Home for a holiday of the sorrowful heart.

First Aired: 25 Mar 1977

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