Candy Candy » A Wrinkled Transferee

Terry breaks into the girls' dorm, waving off Sister Margaret's warnings and assuring her his father will pay for the broken window. When Candy returns to her room, she encounters Patricia's grandmother Marsha there. Terry helped the old woman sneak into Candy's room by creating the diversion. Candy shows Marsha to Patricia's room. Marsha who has been home-schooled wants to stay a few days to see for herself how a boarding school compares to it. Patricia is much too afraid to hide her, so Candy decides to house Marsha. Marsha repays Candy by playing the violin and aiding Candy with her math homework. Suspicious of the music coming from Candy's room, Eliza challenges Candy into a recital. Candy pretends to play the violin, while the true virtuoso hides behind a curtain. But Eliza will not be fooled and pulls away the curtain and finds Patricia who pretends to be the real violinist. After witnessing a few more pranks from Eliza, Marsha fumes over the school allowing such bullying, but then as Patricia and Candy grow to become friends she admits that one could also befriend wonderful people like Candy.

First Aired: 03 Jun 1977

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