Candy Candy » The Family that Bore Love and Hatred

When Franny's previous patients - who claimed to not have liked her - start to pray for Franny when they learn from Candy that she is in France at the battle field, she believes Franny is being unfair towards her family, and decides to pay them a visit on her day off. Alistear is driving around to kill time when he encounters Candy and offers to drive Candy there. In Franny's hometown they are nearly driven from the road by Franny's brother on a motorcycle. Mr. Hamilton is a drunk and alcoholic, and Mrs. Hamilton almost no better as the landlady of a saloon. When Candy introduces herself as Franny's friend, Mrs. Hamilton talks meanly of Franny for leaving her family behind to care for strangers. At the same time a package from Franny arrives with gifts for them. When Mrs. Hamilton calls Franny stupid for it, Candy explains Franny used all her gains for her family, instead of it ending on the battlefield. It is only then that Mrs. Hamilton understands the implication of Franny being in France. Upon returning at the hospital, war casualties are brought in, one rumored to be a spy. The skunk Poupe makes Candy's worst fears come true: it is Albert who is being carried in.

First Aired: 30 Jun 1978

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